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Lessons in school

Slough Music Service offer a range of instrumental lessons in schools, we offer between 7 & 10 lessons per term!

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We offer lessons from year 2 upwards in school. Some instruments are only suitable for older pupils due to the instrument’s size, weight and the effect on the development of the teeth.

Other areas of our work

Violin lessons for 3 to 5 years (Group 1) and 5 to 7 years (group 2)

We offer small violin hire and deliver the lessons online (Same as general fee)

Look out for our community projects where adults and families can learn with us**

Separate entity due to ensuring safeguarding for all

Termly lessons charges

The charges below apply to pupils attending mainstream schools, free schools, and academies in Slough from September 2023. 

Any lesson cancellation will need to be emailed to  – we require half a term’s notice.

Individual lessons

  • £120 per term  – 10 Individual 20 minute lessons (may be subsidised, dependant on income)
  • £180 per term  – 10 Individual 30 minute lessons (may be subsidised, dependant on income)

Group lessons

  • £90 per term  –  10 x 30 minute lessons (may be subsidised to £30 or £60 depending on household income) 

Instrument hire

  • £30 per term
  • Subsidised per term for low income families (will require copy of tax credit award)

For low income families we require a copy of Tax Credits in order to lower the cost of lessons. Get in touch for more information

See information about subsidised rates for low income families .

How lessons are offered

Advantages of Individual and group lessons

Individual lessons;

  • Personalised lessons for quicker development
  • Focus on areas of weakness for Grading

Group lessons;

  • More affordable 
  • Can build confidence and friendships with others 

We deliver 10  group lessons per term. Group lessons are arranged as follows:

2-5 pupils – 30 minutes – £90

Lessons are offered in school subject to the agreement of each schools’ headteacher. We do not offer lessons in individuals’ homes.

Instrument Hire

If you are looking to hire an instrument for lessons we offer hire at £30 per term.

For lower income households prices can vary.

Please contact email us to see if we have the instrument you require available for hire:   

Click here for further details and to apply for instrument hire

Why use Slough Music Service teachers

Slough Music Service is provided by Slough Borough Council, supported by Beechwood School and funded by central government. This means we are subject to rigorous service and safety standards, receive funding to help keep lesson fees as low as possible, and are accountable to government for the quality of our services.

Our teachers are all qualified musicians and have been recruited by musicians and teachers under the ‘safer recruitment’ guidelines which is now a national regulation for all local authority teachers. All our staff are subject to regular enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks, are monitored under our quality assurance procedures and receive regular training to update and enhance their skills. In cases of disagreement, we have a rigorous complaints procedure.

Charges and Help for Low Income Families

Find out more about schemes to help with the cost of lessons , music centre membership and instrument hire.

*Subsidised/free lessons are only available for pupils receiving 7 lessons per term. It may be possible to receive these subsidised individual or group lessons in certain circumstances; individual cases should be raised with the music service who will assess each request.

^Subsidised instrument hire is only available when the pupil is having regular (weekly) lessons through Slough Music Service (tuition or music centres).

Children in Care (Looked after Children)

We do not charge lesson fees for children who are in local authority care Please inform us if the pupil is in local authority care.