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Whole Class Instrumental and Vocal Teaching

The government’s aspirations for the use of music standards funding over recent years has been focused on the delivery of instrumental and vocal teaching to whole classes. In order to meet our obligations to the DfE and offer inclusive opportunities for all we have developed a holistic and sustainable whole class instrumental and vocal teaching programmes to ensure Slough is a beacon of good practice in music education.

The whole class instrumental and vocal teaching ethos is to form a partnership between school staff and visiting instrumental teachers. Each programme is therefore delivered by a team comprising the class teacher/assistants and music service staff, drawing on the specialist knowledge of each. School based staff learn the instrument alongside their pupils, and are encouraged to lead on other aspects of the lesson such as singing, musicianship, pupil management and assessment.

Lessons are part of the weekly timetable for the class ensuring they are 100% inclusive, and can either be a stand-alone lesson or integrated into the class curriculum music lesson. Lessons will be available on a range of instruments and are recommended to be delivered once a week for 30 weeks over a year for up to 45 minutes per week. Regular performances are organised either at school or borough wide level.

We currently offer strings (violin, viola, guitar), wind (flute/clarinet), brass (trumpet, trombone, baritone), steel pans, ukulele or world percussion. Instruments will be provided by the music service. The exact make up of the lessons is tailored to suit the school setting, including the accommodation available and timetabling in the school.

Pupils are invited to join the music centre After the programme has completed, pupils will be given the option to continue with tuition if they wish to.

What's WCET All About?

Reduced rates are offered for more than 1 year group learning an instrument.