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Life After Levels
Assessment and progression Frameworks for Music

2012 The Power of Music
The institute of Education's research on music's impact on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people
- Full Report
- Summary
  Communities in Music Education
Institute of Education/Youth Music paper in to the delivery of music through partnership working, and how this strengthens provision
- Full Report
- Summary
  Music Subject Specific Guidance
Grade criteria and guidance, Sept 2012, updated Jan 2013
  Promoting Good Practice
Guidance from HMI for teachers, headteachers, and music hub leaders when observing musical teaching and learning
  Sound Partnerships
A short survey by OFSTED of music education partnership work in schools 2011–12
- Full Report
- Summary
- Case Study
  Wider Still, and Wider
OFSTED's report into the quality and inequality in music education 2008–11
- Full report
- Summary
2011 The Importance of Music -
The National Plan for Music Education
  Music Education Grant guidlines
What the new MEG (replacing Music Standards Fund) must be used for. (Replaces the 'Aspirations...' document below).
  The Henley Review of Music Education:
- The Henley Review
- The Government's response to the Henley Review
2010 Wow, It's Music Next
An impact evaluation of the Wider Opportunities programme
2009 Primary Curriculum Review - executive summary
OFSTED's review of the primary curriculum
  Making More of Music
The OFSTED report into music in schools, 2005-2008. Released in February 2009, this report analysis classroom and instrumental primary and secondary music tuition.
- Primary
- Secondary
  OFSTED's 10 Characteristics of Good Singing (from the Making More of Music report)
2007 Wider Opportunities at KS2
How wider opportunities can work in your school. DCSF 2007.
2004 Tuning In
OFSTED's evaluation of the wider opportunities pilot programmes
Other What is a 'singing school'. The characteristics as defined by Sing Up.
Is your school a singing school? If so, have you thought about the Sing Up Awards.


Copyright, Licensing and photocopying
Information about what can be photocopied, arranged, printed, performed etc

The Schools Printed Music License was launched in April 2013. See details .

For activities, persons and music not covered by the SPML:
- Summary of who to ask about licensing printed materials, performances etc
- Extended version of the above
- SMS's photocopying policy for our staff - for schools' information only