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Application for Instrumental Lessons

Please complete all the requested information below to apply for lessons and instrument hire if you need it.

View our privacy policy showing how we use your data. No information is given to third parties. Your information is sent via a secure encrypted connection, so your personal details are safe.

Lessons are offered in school during the school day and are therefore subject to the agreement of your school for year 2 and above. We do not offer lessons at pupils' homes. Not all instruments are taught, and all lessons are offered subject to availability.

Instrument Hire
All pupils will need an instrument of their own, which is of good quality and the right size. You can hire an instrument from us (subject to availability), or make your own arrangements to provide an instrument for the pupil. We recommend hiring an instrument for the first 2 or 3 terms or learning. Please ask your instrumental teacher for advice before buying an instrument.

Please read our terms and conditions before completing the form.

Current lesson and instrument hire charges are available in the lessons in schools section.

Please note that a green message will appear 'message sent' near the top of the page when your form has been sent successfully.  If this message does not appear then you may have sections of the form still to complete. If this happens please scroll down and find the section highlighted in red.

Instrument Lesson

Pupil details
Parent/Carer details
Bill Payer Details
Lesson Details
What lesson type would you like? (please see the link above for lesson charges. We recommend group lessons for beginners)
Are you eligible for subsidsed lesson rates? Please see our 'financial assistance for low income families' webpage for full qualifying conditions and how to claim
Instrument Hire
You will need an instrument to have lessons. If you are not hiring from us, you will need to make alternative arrangements for hiring/buying a suitable quality instrument.
Slough Music Service occasionally takes photos and audio/video recordings of pupils for archive purposes, teacher training and use in promotional material (inc.internet). Do you give your consent to us using images of your child for these purposes?
Mailing list
We would like to send you information relevant to Slough Music Service’s tuition activities and other musical opportunities we offer. Your details will not be passed to any other organisation.
Please tell us any other information about the pupil we should know
Terms and Conditions
Once you have submitted this form, we will write to you to confirm tuition, and when lessons will start. You have 14 days from the date of this letter to cancel this agreement without incurring any financial obligations. You will receive a termly invoice for lessons - please do not send any payment until you receive an invoice. This is an ongoing agreement. We will assume you wish to continue with lessons until you write to us to tell us otherwise. You will need to give us the amount of notice as described in the full terms and conditions if you wish to cancel this agreement. You must read and accept our full terms and conditions (via the link above) before submitting this form.