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Hiring and buying a musical instrument

When you learn to play an instrument, you will need one of your own. You need to have an instrument to take lessons with us, and it is essential to practice at home every day in between lessons.

We recommed pupils new to learning hire an instrument for the first few terms, until you are sure you wish to have lessons for a long time. You can hire most instruments from us, or from a local retailer. Some instruments should be hired for longer, such as string instrument, which need to change size as the pupil gets bigger.  Please note we do not stock many full size stringed instruments as it is expected that you will acquire your own at this stage. 

Moving On - Buying your own instrument

When it is time to buy your own instrument, perhaps because you have grown to fit a full size instrument, it is essential to get advice from your instrumental teacher. Expensive instruments are not always necessary as economical models are often very good, however there are many models and makes which should be avoided - they may be cheap, but are simply not worth it. A poor quality or wrongly sized instrument can lead to poor playing results which is demoralising for the pupil and make progress more difficult. String instument need to be the correct size for the pupil, and only your teacher or a good retailer will be able to advise correctly about this.

When you do buy, get advice from the teacher about where to go for an instrument - you should always go to a reputable, specialist musical instrument retailer, and never buy an instrument from general high street retailers or online auction sites.

When you choose to buy, look at the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS) available through Slough Music Service or Arts Council England's 'Take It Away' scheme (see below). There are conditions to qualifying for both, but if you meet these conditions it's a simple, quick and money saving way to get an instrument.

Please visit our Instruments for Sale / Hire Noticeboard

Buy an instrument via SMS and you don't pay the VAT

an interest free loan scheme for purchasing instruments up to £2000.

Please note this scheme is run by Arts Countil England, and is in no way connected to Slough Music Service. We cannot enter into any correspondance or communication about this scheme except to offer advice about which instrument to purchase.