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Bands, Choirs and Orchestras

The Slough Music Centre is held at Lynch Hill School Primary Academy on a Thursday afternoon, and we are currently looking to develop ensembles and bands as part of this brand new initiative! 

You will also find here links to ensembles provided by our partners in Slough and further afield.

The music centre is open to students who live or go to school in Slough, aged between 6 and 19, and who are already having lessons on their instrument, or want to sing in the choir

At our music centre we are running composition and interactive workshops for pupils from beginner level who sing or play almost any instrument.

The Slough Youth Orchestra is for more advanced orchestral players. The Slough Training Orchestra is available to all.


Our Thursday after-school music centre offers extra chances to play with other musicians for those who already learn an instrument, or to come and learn to play the djembe drum.

See details of occasional activities, such as holiday courses, The Slough Youth Orchestra and other short term activities

Beginner young singers to award winning choirs, there is a singing group for you here

If you can't attend any of the opportunities available in Slough, have a look at services provided by our partners in neighbouring towns.