SingIN returns for its second year, with Addington (Wokingham) and Arbour Vale (Slough) special schools teaming up with Embrook College (Wokingham) and Lynch Hill Primary Academy and St Bernard's Grammar (Slough) for a month of singing and cohesion development between mainstream and non-mainstream schools.

The programme this year is launched on Friday 21st September, with the schools meeting at Addington to meet their singing buddies, learn songs with the schools' music leaders, and take part in cohesion activities led by Aik Saath.

After the launch day, schools will rehearse together in each region, getting to know their buddies, learning songs and some Makaton signing, and preparing for the final performance.

The performance is at Bearwood College on Sunday 21st October. Last year's performance was a great success and a highlight of the music year, so we look forward with great excitement to this year's concert.

Please see the pages on the right for each school's activity and comments.