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Rebecca Richardson - Head of Slough Music Service


Born and raised in Slough, Rebecca has gained extensive knowledge of the area. She started her career in youth work and served as a senior youth worker for 16 years. She is an accomplished gospel singer and a member of Soulful Sista's (a professional gospel singing trio) and a choir leader for Slough Community Youth Soul Choir. She has been singing for many years and this started at her local Pentecostal Church. Rebecca studied Music Production and Performance, as well as Informal Education at the George Williams College, London. 

She is proud to be a board member of Readipop Charity, Curve Oversight, and Ealing Music Service. 

Rebecca has a passion for music, young people, and Slough, and uses this as a driving force for all the work she does not just in Slough, but also in the surrounding areas. 


Lucy Stoker - Curriculum & Brass Teacher


Hi There,

My name’s Lucy Stoker. I’m married with 3 boys and I live and work in Slough and the surrounding areas.

I have a BA/Ed in music from Exeter University.

I’ve been a specialist music teacher for nearly 30 years, as well as the odd stint as a class teacher.

I have worked for the music service as a curriculum music teacher for 18 months. I also deliver whole class brass teaching as well as being part of the music centre team, providing support to all students both singing in a choir and playing in an ensemble.

I sing, play the tenor horn, and the recorder.

In addition to the music service I’m also a specialist music teacher in 2 other local schools. 

I’m very lucky to have a job that I love!


Karl Drummond - Community Projects Manager


I’m Karl Drummond, Community Projects Manager for Slough Music Service. My roots in music run deep, with a diverse background that spans Music Studio Production, Lyric Writing, Stage Performing, and Artist Development.

My adventure in music began in the realm of Music Studio Production, where I fine-tuned my craft in creating and producing captivating soundscapes. I also have a knack for lyric writing, crafting poetic and meaningful verses that resonate with audiences. On top of that, my stage presence and performing abilities have allowed me to connect with audiences in a powerful way.

With years of experience in the music industry, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside chart-topping and platinum-selling artists. These collaborations have given me a profound understanding of the music world, from production to live performance.

In my current role with Slough Music Service, I’m on a mission to nurture and amplify the incredible talent and musical passion within Slough. I’m proud to lead various community projects that are bringing music to the heart of Slough, from weekly Music Tech workshops to open mic sessions.

I’m not just passionate about music; I’m also eager to connect and chat about it. Whether you’re an aspiring artist seeking guidance or simply share my love for music, feel free to reach out. I’m always open to engaging in meaningful conversations about the art we all cherish.

Michelle Conner

Michelle Connor - Vocal Teacher


Hello, I’m Michelle Connor and I am primarily a Singing Teacher.

I say “primarily” because as a child I played the recorder, cello and piano, which gave me the music theory skills that also allows me to be able to teach the basics of the recorder and ukulele. 

My main musical influence comes from Gospel music, and from this comes my love for RnB – particularly from the 1990’s. However, I have love for all genres of music as I believe in songs/music that resonate within me. I love singing and all that comes with it, and this passion is what I try to portray whether I’m teaching individuals, groups, or assemblies.

I absolutely LOVE inspiring children and hopefully sparking their own passion for singing.


Ashton Smith - Projects & Curriculum Coordinator / Brass Teacher


I’m a musician and trumpet player based in London, and I tutor, write, and play music of a mix of styles, working with age groups from 4-18 years old. I also work as a projects and curriculum coordinator for the service. As well as teaching brass, I enjoy guiding students with composition and improvisation, helping them discover ways of achieving these concepts.

I’m a big fan of both listening to and playing live music in different musical line-ups, often gigging and travelling. Part of this may involve me playing with the upbeat pop-brass group Big Smoke Brass – UK.

In the classroom, I always advocate having fun and working well as a team when making music! I particularly enjoy sharing my experiences with music to inspire young people and enable them to discover what it is about music they love.


Rebecca White - Strings & Piano Teacher


Hello! I’m Rebecca White and I teach strings and piano in whole class and 1 to 1 settings. I also work with different ensembles and love introducing music to younger years as part of our Early Ears project!

Having played the violin for over 16 years, my main passions lie within ensemble and orchestral works. I play anything from the classical realm of Mahler and Shostakovich, to film masterpieces by Hans Zimmer and Brian Tyler. I play for music videos, weddings, have recorded an album at Abbey Road Studios, and perform regularly for musical theatre shows and operas, including on the West End. 

I work with my students in ways to best bring out their confidence, as well as building instrumental and theoretical skills. By teaching across a wide variety of genres, I show my students how truly diverse music can be, and I firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the magic it creates!


Joanne Wythe - Curriculum & Whole-Class Teacher


My name is Joanne Wythe and I’m so excited about the power of music, I find every which way I can to share it. 

As early as Infant school I’ve been singing and learning to play instruments and now I get to teach whole-class instrumental lessons and curriculum music in Primary Schools for Harrow and Slough. I managed to acquire a degree in Music and Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Orchestral Studies, and a PGCE.

My main instrument is the double bass, but I teach violin, ukulele, recorders, and guitar – but seeing as I love to learn new things, I’m sure this list will grow!


Wilbrod Kato


My name is Wilbrod Ooko (Kato) and I am a drummer, percussionist, and guitarist!

I am an accomplished and self-driven professional, possessing a proven ability to contribute to high quality organisations, improving percussion ability and raising the profile of percussion and music within schools and communities. I give individual lessons, work with groups, prepare students for performances and exams, and provide workshops. 

My love of music has been a driving force in my life and it is a privilege to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with young people. I also enjoy performing with bands. Currently I am working with a London based Afro-funk band called Olubundi. As a band leader I have created events and performed regularly at functions, festivals and gigs. I have an in-depth knowledge of both African drumming and kit drumming styles. I am a versatile performer who is adaptable to various genres and styles, and I enjoy passing this on to the next generation.