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Hub Partner Charter

Slough Music Hub Charter

Our mission statement : We aim, through creativity and excellence, to meet the needs and aspirations of each young musician, school and music leader in Slough.

Through our passion for music we want to inspire and empower, creating opportunity and enjoyment for all, enabling our community to develop, achieve and celebrate through music.

By working together, we can better meet the needs of every child and young person in Slough, whilst ensuring quality and care for all. This charter assures member organisations are committed to delivering appropriate music activities of the highest quality in an efficient and effective way, and have procedures and policies in place that ensure the well-being of those that use our services.

Hub partners confirm that we will agree to the following charter and will:

Develop the aims of the National Plan for Music Education

Provide high quality music education and cross arts opportunities for children and young people in Slough

Inspire all children and young people to sing and play a musical instrument, and define clear progressive pathways through their artistic journey

 Promote high achievement through diverse partnerships

 Promote sustainable creativity and achievement in music and the arts

 Reach all sectors of children and young people, including the hard to reach, those in challenging circumstances and the gifted and talented, enriching all lives through music


Have an appropriate child safeguarding policy and associated practices including DBS checks in place

Commit to sharing opportunities and resources and avoiding the duplication of activities, ensuring funds are used effectively and beneficially for all


Ensure opportunities are available and appropriate to the needs of our community and that those who require our services know where to find them


Share opportunities and be committed to attending networking and training sessions. This ensures the skills of our staff and leaders are up to date and of the highest standards